Kevin: How did your start in music begin? 

Darnell: I started playing the organ in church at the age of 10. Literally sat down on organ one Sunday and started playing. I started writing and producing around age 16. I started playing for a group called Minneapolis Gospel Sound (MGS) and they were the band for a choir called Excelsior. I later began writing and producing for Excelsior. After 13 years with Excelsior, the Lord called me to start my own group and I did, and now we have the Remnant.

Kevin: Who are some of your musical influences?

Darnell: My musical influences vary. I love all styles of music but some of my influences are; Andrae Crouch, Thomas Whitfield, Walter Hawkins, Marvin Winans, Donald Lawrence, Kirk Franklin, Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago, ToTo, and of course the Minneapolis sound Prince, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis. These are the people who influence me and inspire me to do music.

Kevin: What is the most gratifying element to your live performances? 

Darnell: When people are inspired and encouraged to be better. This is ministry for me. It's not about stardom, but about lives being changed, people being free from bondage, that's what this is about for me. So when I hear someone was inspired to do better, be better, live better, that makes me happy.

Kevin: Music sometimes parallels life. What kind of of life issues can listeners expect to hear in your music?

Darnell: People can expect to hear my journey to the mountaintop, sunshiny days, and valley experiences as well. We go through so that we can be a testimony to others that He (God) can and will bring you out of whatever you're in, so they can expect to hear my hearts testimony of victory in my music.

Kevin: What is the most significant message that your music communicates?

Darnell: Not to give up and keep Moving Forward. Life will throw you some hard blows but the Word of God encourages ius to not get weary in well doing, for in due season we will reap if we faint not (Gal 6:9). We are going to reap blessings if we don't give up.

Kevin: Gospel music has a rich and varied legacy, How do you describe your sound and how do you fit into Gospel's legacy?

Darnell: My sound is a combination of the east coast, and west coast, blended together wiht the Minneapolis sound. I believe what God has given me, there is a secure place for me to be relevant to His people.

Kevin: Before becoming an artist, how did this form of music speak to you personally?

Darnell: Gospel has always been a part of my life. My grandfather use to sing quartet music and he had records allover the house and would play them most of hte day, Plus we had no choice but to go to church lol...but it didn't get personal to me until I started this journey of being a musician and had to live out what I was writing about.

Kevin: How can people access your music or find out more about the Remnant?

Darnell: You can grab our new CD "Moving Forward" on ITunes, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target, any Christian bookstore. I am on Facebook (Darnelldavismuzik), Twitter (Darnelldavis01), and Instagram (Darnelldavismuzik)...The group is on Facebook (TheRemnant612) and Twitter & Instagram at TheRemnantMuzik. Please follow us, friend request us, tweet us, we love to chat with you.

Minneapolis, MN.

Moving Forward with Darnell Davis & The Remnant

Life can bring an abundance of diverse experiences; instances of joy and happiness, peace and tranquility. However, some of us can also relate to those moments of disappointment along the the path of life's journey. In those trying times, we have the choice of counting our losses or we can choose to focus our attention on the essential elements which remain. The key is to use these elements to become corner stones of our new beginnings. The subject of this profile shares insight on the message of determination despite life's challenges by highlighting the importance of Moving Forward.