Hammond, La.

Music has numerous capabilities and serves many purposes. It communicates; it is a form of expression, often reflecting circumstances of our lives. The reflective aspect of music is often where we find a connection to something greater than ourselves. There are many music genres, but none minister to the soul like gospel music. Common themes of gospel include messages of hope, deliverance, love, and forgiveness. These messages are more than mere words with music; they carry meaning, power, and the ability to transform despair into hope, fear into boldness, and passion into purpose. The subject of this profile shares the message behind their music and the purpose of their praise. 

Kevin: How can people check out your music and support your message?

​SF: Visit our website at www.theshowers.org, check us out on Facebook TheOfficialShowers, you can follow us on twitter @The_Showers, on Instagram @The OfficialShowers. Our new single "Better" is now available on iTunes and The Google play store.
Kevin: What serves as your biggest inspiration to providing a positive influence to our communities and beyond?

SF:Prayer was then and will always be our biggest inspiration.
Kevin: What is one issue that we MUST address in our communities and in your opinion, how should we address it?

SF: The way we live. We have to do better as God's people and continue spreading His word, loving one another, and living as children of the The Most High in our day to day lives.

Purposef​ul Prai​se with The Showers Family Group

Kevin: What are some of the parallels and some of the differences that you discover when looking at Gospel music back in its beginning and where you see it today?

SF: Back in the past Gospel music was more traditional and only traditional artists could come into the scene. However, today Gospel music has opened its door and accepted contemporary, rap, praise and worship, and more into its platform.

Kevin: Gospel music has a very rich and powerful legacy. How does your music relate to its intended audience? 

SF: Everything we sing about, we sing about from our experience. Many others out there have had similar experiences and our music reaches them at the core of that and they can relate to what we're singing about. Our music is our ministry. It's our way to help others while all the while spreading the word of God.

Kevin: Technology is a great resource when used in a positive way and readily accessible like never before. What is your message for those who are looking for a positive response to issues in their lives and those around them?

SF: Technology will come and go, but God is the same yesterday, today, and will continue to be the same tomorrow. Technology has made it easier for people all over to have access to certain ministries that they may not normally have access to. Our people perish for a lack of knowledge. Use technology to access information and resources to increase your knowledge and make you better in every area of your life.

Kevin: Who are the members of the group?

SF: There are ten of us (Regina, Bobby Jr., Angela, Titus, Ciara, Tabitha, Melody, Thaddeus, and Tiffany. We are all members. However, our individual work schedules don't allow us to always be on stage at the same time.

Kevin: You are all very talented and gospel music had benefited from your contributions, why did you chose this path of music genre? 

SF: We love the Lord and want to tell others about Him. He gave us this gift of being able to sing and this is how we show our love and thanks, by giving God all of the glory.

Kevin: How did your introduction to music began?

SF: Our father is a Pastor and we grew up with music and singing in the church.