The power of words exceeds marks on a page or sounds that aimlessly float through the air. Like a stone tossed into serene waters, the ripples illustrate the extended reach and power of vibrations. The same can be said of words. Words can isolate or embrace, discourage, or empower. Often our life journey is enriched by those who vibe at a higher frequency.

These individuals can effectively communicate by filtering the noise from sound, producing a message of clear connection that resonates with the Soul. The subject of this profile directs her voice to empower, sharing her platform of SheSpeakz to “Speak Life.”

Kevin: It’s always a pleasure to vibe with you. We are a "tribe,” and having this connection is life-enhancing, and I genuinely appreciate you. We go back some years, and we speak from time to time, so I want to get up to speed with you and invite the 360 audience to gain insight on your platform...SheSpeakz.

Neek: Thank you for always being a positive force.  No matter where you are on your journey in life,
I can always log in and see KevBrown putting Good Vibes back into the earth…Literally…Gertrude’s Garden, and figuratively through your social platforms YungCitizens and, of course, KevBrown360.  Your messages are always positive and sometimes humorous, and those two things are very much needed right now. 

Like you, I believe that people need to see the good in the world as; lately, we have seen A LOT of the negative.  I created SheSpeakz as a way for women to share their stories in life to let other women know they are not alone in this journey called life.   To my surprise, I have some male followers too, who appreciate the platform as it is interchangeable.  You can switch out the Hey Sis for Hey Bro and still received the same messages of hope, love, self-care, self-love, etc. 

Kevin: Most definitely, and I think those are all important messages that enrich our lives. I appreciate that you use your voice for positivity, and I agree, the world needs more of that.

I’ve heard people say that “there are not enough hours in a day.” You wear a lot of hats in terms of responsibilities. Can you talk about a few of those roles and how they add perspective to your platform? Also, why did you decide to take on another in the form of SheSpeakz?

Neek: I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Airman, and many other things to other people. To some, I am also a mentor, encourager, and the list goes on. Like many other people, these titles and the experiences
from each add a different perspective to my platform. For example, being a mom teaches you things about yourself that you may have never known. As you know, with parenting, there is no manual. Just about everything we do or face, you learn by experience due to the fact, my kids are not like your kids or anyone else’s, meaning I can ask for your advice all day, but what works for you and your children may not work
for me and my children. If you ever hear me say, “it is okay to get advice from other people, but you have to live with the decision(s) that you make.” That is the perspective I have gained from being a mother. This
is also true in regards to how my perspective as a wife is used on my platform. This viewpoint can be used in all aspects of life. Another role that adds perspective to my platform is the role of being a leader in the Air Force. There are times when you have to speak life into your employees and your work situation, and I will be honest, sometimes that stretches me in ways that I would have never imagined. I pray…A LOT in those situations because some leadership situations are not taught through formal education, or there isn’t a theory that will help me through the situation. I take those encounters, and I share them on my platform to help others. Originally, when I created SheSpeakz, it was because I would talk to women who were going through things in life and at work, and their story would be similar to another woman that I knew, and I would say to myself, “Man, if I could just link these women together, they would know they were not alone, and they could walk this journey together.” That is how SheSpeakz began. I felt I had to link us together in some way, and in a way, I needed women to know that we were in this together. The Bible says we are not meant to carry our burdens alone, and I believe that. So, I started with the blog…I would just write what I felt and where I was in life, and the next thing I know…I would have people hit me up and say,” I felt like I was reading my story.” Or someone would comment, “This is what I needed to read.” That is when I knew what I was supposed to be doing.

Kevin: Confirmation in your purpose is a beautiful thing. I can relate to how different experiences and roles can stretch you in ways that you could not have imagined. From afar,
sometimes others can see us as a finished product. However, there is a growth process that is taking place that can create a reserve fueled by our own personal experiences and also a resource using the shared experiences of others. Having and sharing that connection is a blessing.

From your response and knowing you, I understand that you feel that spirituality is essential in your life journey. The Bible speaks about the power of the tongue. How has speaking life become a transformative force on your life journey?

Neek: Ahhhh, yes. The Bible has many scriptures that reference the power of the tongue and the words that are spoken.  If you go back and look at some of them, you see the cause and effect of speaking life and speaking death.  I have also personally seen how this affects people in real life.  Back in the day, I used to have a reckless mouth.  There were times I would speak out of anger and did not care who was in the crossfire, which was crazy because I never grew up in that type of household.  However, some life situations made me bitter.   Once I realized the affect words had on our lives and situations and I grew by reading the Bible and realizing my calling/gift, I knew I had to get myself all the way together in order to walk in my purpose.  So please know that everything is a process. I made it a goal to make sure what left my mouth about others was positive, or I did not say anything.  If I had to say something that may hurt someone, I had to make sure my delivery was not harsh and that it was value-added.  I also had to make sure that I was a good steward of my gift…that in itself can be a challenge but not impossible.  

Speaking life has become transformative because it is a daily process.  I have to make sure that what I am displaying to the masses is also that I am practicing at home. With myself, my spouse, and my children.  If I don’t live what I am putting out to the masses, then I live the life of a hypocrite, and that does not line up with my purpose and what I was created for.

Kevin: We now see you walking in your purpose. In the course of taking this on, what was your biggest obstacle? What were some of the strategies that went into overcoming that challenge?

Neek: The biggest obstacle for me was believing in my gift and the impact that it had. Some of the concepts I had to use were:

Faith: I had to believe that God gave me a gift that would be used to help others. I had to walk in it. One way I did that was by making sure that I was being obedient. I had to and still have to make sure that I am not writing out of emotion, and I have to make sure that I use my words carefully. As you know, words have the power to build or tear down.

Support System: I keep myself surrounded by those that love me, encourage me, and want the best for me. This includes people who are going to be honest with me, even when I don’t want to hear it.

Walk in my purpose: I used to doubt my ability as an encourager or someone who empowers but now, I walk in it because it is what God has called me to do. It is hard sometimes because you may feel out of place
or feel like you don’t have any control. When I have those days, I make sure, I step back and reflect on what I am doing and then get back out there.

Each step I have listed is a daily process.

Kevin: I read: Faith, Support System, and Walking in your purpose and feel that those are all principles that serve as a solid foundation to keep us going. I believe in a daily renewal/refresh. You are speaking life to me; right here, right now! I’m thankful for those words and thoughts you shared.

Neek: You’re welcome Bro! We are in this together. 

Kevin: In terms of your support system, you highlighted honesty as key. What has the feedback been like now on this journey with you with SheSpeakz?

Neek: To be honest, it has been overwhelming, humbling, and refreshing at the same time.  When you know what God has said to you about your role in life, it can be hard some days when you just don’t know if you are making a difference.  Then you get feedback that solidifies what God told you.  An example…A random act of kindness or a post, podcast or blog that was shared and someone reaches out and is like, hey…that was needed, or I felt that or a simple Thank you.  That is the fuel that is needed to keep going.  Sometimes we just need the confirmation that you are doing what you are supposed to.

The humbling part is also when my support systems are ready to support in any way.  I have Dope Souls in my corner who speak life into me.  I have Dope Souls who have been apart of my Hey Sis Check In 
 (a zoom call I created to literally check-in with me so I can “lay eyes” on people.  The pandemic has us in different spaces, and I wanted to make sure people were truly okay.  We talk about a range of topics.  It is literally a social connection to make sure people know they have a safe space) since it started. 

I also have people who are willing to put money behind SheSpeakz…I had a friend who was ready to do a GoFundMe, so I can trademark the brand…There are folks who have bigger visions about SheSpeakz than I do…lol.  It truly is a blessing.

Kevin: I think that your blessings are a byproduct of the positivity that you are putting in the atmosphere. It's always a great vibe when we link-up, and I'm truly honored to share your insight. Also, congratulations
on your book “Hey Sis Reflection Guide” available on Amazon! I’m very excited for you and what is yet to come. Are there any additional thoughts you’d like to share?

Neek: As always, I enjoy the link-up.  Thank you sooo much. The Hey Sis Reflection Guide was the product of my support system.  My mom and a few other people said you need to write a book; put all of this together.”  I did, and that support was mind-blowing.  I have received pictures of people using it as their daily reading, as a part of their self-care, I have received feedback/pictures of people doing what is said in the book.  I am forever grateful.  

My final thoughts…As you navigate this journey called life, please know that you are not alone.  You have people, near and far, who are ready and willing to support you and speak life into because they know the importance of following your purpose and being who you are destined to be.  First, you must believe in yourself and take the first step. No matter how scary it may appear to be.  Once you do, everything else will fall into place.  The journey will not always be easy; however, it will be impactful and life-changing.  Love yourself no matter what it may look like to others. Be yourself, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Live for yourself. We only have one life to live, and we have to make the most out of it while we are still here to enjoy it. 

Be Love. Be at Peace and Just Be! 

Kevin: Be! That's A WHOLE VIBE!

Please let our audience know how they can connect with your journey via SheSpeakz?

Neek: Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to connect with the KevBrown360 followers.

I have a website,

I am also on IG: theshespeakz

and FB: Sheneke Harris (Personal Page)

The Hey Sis Reflection Guide is available via e-book and in paperback. There will be an opportunity to connect in the future to discuss the book…Keep an eye out for that.




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