Shemiah Amos Class of 2017

Franklin County High School Meadville, Ms.


GPA 3.8

Beta Club


National Honor Society

Student Council

Mississippi Scholar

2x All-District Basketball

CBS MaXPreps Athlete Of The Month December 2016

Kevin: You will begin your transition to college after your high school graduation. How does that feel and what are you looking forward to most as a college student?

Shemiah:It's an amazing feeling! It feels great to know that I am moving on to bigger and greater things. I have so much to look forward to in the future and in my plans ahead. I look back on all of the memories that I have made, and all of the things that I have accomplished in such little time. As a college student, I look for challenges and meeting new people. Before I even start school, there are some that already doubting me, and yes I am going to prove them wrong. No matter where I go, I always touch someone, whether it's with my contagious smile, or the way I greet, or just the way I carry myself.

Kevin: What’s your degree plan? Why did you select this major?

Shemiah: My degree plan is to go to Copiah-Lincoln Community College for two years and earn my Associate Degree in Nursing. Next, I will go to Mississippi College to get my BSN. Then I will go off to the University of Mississippi: Medical School where I will earn my Doctorate degree and become a Pediatrician. I love being around children and being around children with such a great attitude during the sickest times of their lives and being able to talk, listen, and encourage them is a blessing. Not everyone is blessed with a gift like this.

Kevin: Are there any experiences that you’ve had in high school that you think will be beneficial for you as you face new challenges academically?

Shemiah: Being able to take college course have definitely prepared me for college. Knowing that I can't turn work in late and I can't use my notes for a test, even reading the entire chapter just to find one answer.

Kevin: In addition to your studies, you will also be a college athlete. What are some of your focus areas of wellness to ensure that you strike the right student/athlete balance?

Shemiah: Being a college athlete will require me to uphold my grades and stay fit at the same time. Being in good shape is good, but my grades are more important. Working ahead is the key for me.

...It's an amazing feeling!

Kevin: What has been your most significant scholastic achievement thus far? How did this experience fuel your goals for the future?

Shemiah: Being A Mississippi Scholar has been the most significant scholastic achievement so far. To me, being selected as a Mississippi Scholar is rising high above the standard and going beyond what it takes to reach a goal. In the future, that's what I plan to do; go beyond my dreams and excel to greatness.

Kevin: What are some goals that you’ve set for yourself? Why is it important to you that you achieve them?

Shemiah: Some of my goals that I have listed is to become a Certified Nursing Assistant before I go off to university. Another goal is to be more active in helping the surrounding communities and help aid in volunteer services. It's very important that I achieve these goals. If not, seems as if I am wasting my time.

Kevin: What advice do you offer to those in school that have dreams of attending college?

Shemiah: If you have dreams of attending college, no matter if it's a junior college or university, go for it. Don't let anyone stop you! Go All The Way!!

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