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Founded: 2014

Owner: Kev Brown


Areas of expertise: 

Community Advocate
Organizational Leadership

This website is dedicated to all the people who cared enough to encourage me to dream and supported my endeavors in pursuit of those dreams. To my parents, family and friends, coworkers, mentors, educators, community and military leaders, ministers, coaches, the list goes on and on, but the trend is that you all provided a positive influence in my life and this is my way of giving back what was given to me.   

23 Mar 2014...Happy Birthday to my father and daughter! has a deliberate and purposeful focus; create an atmosphere of positivity using stories of triumph from visionaries and leaders who've chosen to make a difference for those around them and the communities in which they live. 

With your participation and support, together, our aim to promote positive action in our communities will reach unlimited success. In today's social media climate, positive action sometimes goes unnoticed, and this is where our mission begins; providing an interface for positive action and experiences.