Kevin: I was thinking about the title of your book, What's The Connection?: A Reflection Guide for Clarity, Self-Preservation and Empowerment, and I wondered how you came up with the title?

Rosalin: I've naturally kind of looked at the whole picture of things for as long as I can remember. I'm fascinated by just how many elements collectively create a situation. The title of the book came from talking with so many individuals over the years plagued with perplexity and strained by their conditions, thoughts, and feelings. During these conversations, I recognized over and over again the liberation people were able to experience once they engaged in discussions of how things were connected and impacted one another. Hearing them describe their realizations as "epiphanies" and "breakthroughs" was confirmation that analyzing connections is vital for effective self-management and care. The concept became the centerpiece of many of my therapy sessions with exceptional results. I started asking "what are the connectors". The 19 points of connection in the book, represent some of the main areas that have proven to be key assessments in helping people become more acquainted with and supportive of self.

Kevin:  I love it! It gets straight to the business of helping to provide clarity. I have read the book several times, and there are different aspects that I focus on each time.  What do you hope that readers gain from the book?

Rosalin: My hope is that readers will connect with their truth, courage, and determination for living the type of life they want to live and know that the most precious space is within self.  

Kevin: Connecting with our truth is so important. Are there any other ways that you choose to express yourself?

Rosalin: Lol! I sing loudly and dance while listening to Alexa when I'm home alone. I also write letters/notes to loved ones, paint, cook, talk, laugh, rest, and remain silent to express myself. I love earrings and scarves as forms of self expression. 

Kevin: What would you say is one of the most misunderstood things about therapy? What are some concepts that you use to mitigate those concerns?

Rosalin: A lot of people think that therapy is a forced discussion regarding things they are not comfortable talking about. Oftentimes, this misconception will deter people from ever seeking help. I address this during initial meetings by informing individuals that the therapy experience is led by the client and the client directs the traffic. I tell clients to let me know if there's something they don't want to discuss at all or maybe just on a particular day. This is starting out from an empowerment perspective where the client engages in self-determination. It's all a choice; a respected choice. I also make sure to review how freeing, safe, nurturing, and enjoyable therapy can be. We laugh in my sessions. 

 That's very enlightening,; some of the words in your response; empowerment, self-determination, choice, it's great that those are all healthy components that a client can experience via therapy. When did you realize that your profession would become a part of your life journey?

 Early on in my career, clients started saying things like "I've never thought about it like that before", "I've seen all types of therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists in my life and this is the best experience I've had", "after our session last week, I tried what we talked about and I enjoyed it", "I've been practicing and it's working", "you get it, I don't feel crazy anymore", and "I feel seen and heard for the first time in my life". Powerful stuff, right! It kept piling on and confirming that it was all indeed a part of my life journey. I'm amazed everyday that I get to work with people as they learn how to love themselves, experience joy and just be okay. 

 Wow, very powerful stuff indeed, and we want to ensure that our audience can tap into that power. How can those that are interested get more information and contact you about your products and services?

Rosalin: For those interested in more info about services and products -, Instagram: @un_jumble_, and​

Kevin: Thank you so much for making the connection with our audience. I want to encourage everyone to check the links provided to access all of your products and services. It has been an absolutely enlightening experience on many levels conversing with you. Is there anything else that you would like to share with our audience?

Rosalin: I would love to hear about readers' experience with the book. Leave a review or contact me via email to share your thoughts. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read and comment. Take care and enjoy yourself!

Kevin: Again Rosalin, thank you so very much. We look forward to your journey and are very appreciative of your time and contributions and in addition to your book (What's the Connection) available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble we would like to share information about your UnJumble products to include your newly released therapy boxes..

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What's The Connection

Read time: 6 minutes 

Taking the time to self-evaluate is often the most challenging step. We make time for all sorts of things, often everything and everyone but ourselves. When we invest time into ourselves, we sometimes have a "light bulb" or "Aha moment," realizations of self-discovery that begin to frame life differently. For some, like myself, this is unfamiliar territory, and it helps to have guidance. Our featured guest Rosalin Landrews offers a path to help us on our life journey.

Rosalin Landrews - Author/Speaker/Therapist